Syed Osama Abbas

Syed Osama Abbas is a certified trainer from Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia, and has trained employees from government and corporate world both in Malaysia and Internationally. 


Mr.Osama is an Entrepreneur and a certified Trainer with over 19 years of experience. He ha worked with various Universities in Malaysia, UK, Switzerland, France and Philippines. Since 2010 he is running his own business in Malaysia. In 2014 he was hired by Malaysian Government to remove/reduce unemployment among youths and fresh graduates the project was named eUsahawan which was published in 2018 in World Bank Report. His area of expertise include:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • International Business
  • Critical Thinking
  • International Training Tour

My Education

He currently holds Degree in Marketing and International Trade from Victoria Univeristy (Australia)2003. In 2007 he completed his MBA from Victoria University (Australia). In 2012 he became a certified trainer from Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia. He has also attended various Teacher training courses and certifications. He also hold the license to teach Bachelors Degree Students in various Universities and Colleges in Malaysia.

  • Bachelors in Marketing and International Trade-Victoria University 2003
  • Masters in Business Administration-Victoria University-2007
  • Train The Trainer License-Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia 2012


Sales and Marketing

The sales training is designed to improve selling skills and motivate sales professionals to continuously improve. The sales program covers the fundamentals of sales and motivational training, and mixes it with sound, time tested common sense.

Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service and positive customer experiences often make the difference between gaining and keeping a customer or losing one. This customer service training course will teach you how to achieve customer service excellence and offers the tools and techniques to ensure you build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. As a result, they become loyal advocates for you and your organization.

International Business

To succeed globally business owners, staff, employees and managers must be trained to understand international trade – this Program will produce managers and personnel who have a good understanding of international trade, are equipped with knowledge and skill to help a business to succeed internationally.  Exporting is not an activity for untrained sales managers; exporting can be rewarding and profitable if it is conducted in a professional manner and if an effective international marketing strategy is developed; so this Program teaches how to assess potential export and ‘product fit’ and the importance of products meeting the standards and cultural requirements of target countries.