Distribute your content digitally, attractively and completely interactively

Turn your content into paper and PDF and all related audiovisual material into truly interactive and enjoyable digital extensions that follow the lessons of your books as support for learning inside and outside the classroom with synchronization of student progress.

With our e-learning solutions for publishers you can create multimedia courses in the image of your language books that integrate all your audiovisual materials and that can be modified and updated quickly and easily: in a few minutes all your can customers receive the updates.

The digital extension for the classroom that your clients demand

With the eparhai authoring tool specialized in education you can create all types of content: exercises, videos, audios, tests, podcast, free expression activities, subtitles, word searches, and crosswords.

Easy to use without technical knowledge

Web portal and live classroom

LMS educational platforms dedicated or shared for all your clients


Take advantage of our experience of +15 years leading the e-learning sector.

Online communities

Add a global community to your web portal for your editorial or your own for each client.

Do you need help to customize your plan? Get in touch with our experts in e-learning solutions for publishers. Take advantage of our free initial advice to choose the solution that best suits you according to your enrollment volume and the e-learning mode you want to implement.