Gamification in your courses

Motivation is one of the main bases for successful learning. Keeping the desire to learn in students requires structured content that allows a natural and progressive study (in which the student is aware of his own progress and satisfies his needs for self-realization). But, at the same time it requires extra elements that stimulate motivation and participation.

To combat dropout rates which tend to be high in corporate and learning environments, a  motivation and coaching plan is necessary through a virtual campus or LMS (Learning Management System) with a system capable of setting objectives measuring achievements and communicating them to students (gamified evaluation).

One of the most effective class tools to maintain students motivation is the gamification
Apply game dynamics to your courses.

Double Tracking

The gamification system incorporated by the eparhai educational platforms allows a double-tracking of the progress of the students:

  1. Individual progress – Detail of all the achievements that can only be accessed by the student and the faculty.
  2. Progress in groups – Leader boards in which the students in each group are sorted according to their performance.

Goal setting

Set the objectives that students must achieve to unlock the rewards and get stars, trophies, and medals.

  1. Middle notes of partial and final tests
  2. Progression in the course and pace at which progress is made
  3. Time spent on extra activities
  4. Participation in conversation groups

Rewards in the form of badges

Award stars, cups, and medals when the objectives assigned to the gamification system are achieved.

Measuring achievements

eparhai educational platforms include evaluation systems for courses that allow students to measure their performance specifically in the main skills of the course.

We take advantage of all these measurements so that the gamification of your courses rewards the performance and evolution of your students not only by completing lessons but by how they complete each exercise.