Create unique content for your network of centers with our author tool specialized in education

eparhai authoring tool allows you to create your own courses, transforming your class in paper and PDF into authentic interactive courses that provide dynamism to your classes and facilitate your students a 360º education.

Our tool for creating e-learning courses has responsive templates for a perfect visualization in all types of mobile devices and operating systems.

Create  e-learning courses between several centers in your network

Enhance the creativity of your team of professionals: the eparhai authoring tool is multi-user which allows collaborative work among all its centers achieving in multimedia, digital, and interactive courses . The authoring tool requires no technical knowledge and it has an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Optional services (360º solutions for your projects)

At eparhai we offer a comprehensive service of advice, technological support, and maintenance for your courses through the most advanced specialized educational platforms in the market. Our e-learning solutions for franchises accompany you in all the steps of the process studying your particularities and resources so that you stand out for what you do best.

Web portal and live classroom

Centralized enrollment management, course offer, communications, and online classes.

Hosting Cloud

Leave all the technical aspects of your programme to specialists.


Our experience at the service of your needs.


You only have to press a button to publish your courses.

Personalize your brand

100% customization of the LMS platform. Your brand is the only one visible.

Online Community

Meeting point for all the students of their centers.

Do you need help to customize your plan? Get in touch with our experts in e-learning solutions for franchises. Take advantage of our free initial advice to choose the solution that best suits you according to your enrollment volume and the e-learning mode you want to implement.